Ukraine Aid and Education Fund financially
supports students who are studying a further
education course after graduating from high
school (secondary).

This financial support does not cover all the costs
to maintain a student at university or post
secondary courses but assists the student and
their families. One of the objectives of the
financial support is to contribute to the overall
expenses making the financial burden for the
family a little easier.

Another of the objectives is to assist the student
gain qualifications so that they are able to find
employment and contribute to the support of
their siblings and family so that each is gainfully
Masha is studying computer programming
and graphic engineering. She also is
studying English which is handy for us. She
enjoys the summer camps.
Yaroslav (in the middle) is a third year
student studying linguistics, majoring in
English. He lives with his mother and
grandmother travelling each week to
university. He currently is working as a
camp counsellor in the Crimea enjoying the
beaches of the Black Sea and creating lots of
activities for the children. This field
placement is part of his Course.
Olia is visually impaired and is studying
journalism. Olia is very competent at
translating the Russian poets into Ukrainian.
This summer she is attending a camp on the
Black Sea near Odessa for visually impaired
young people
Vadim has been
studying to work on
the railways. However,
due to a health
problem his plans are
have been interrupted.
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Nastya is studying to be
primary/elementary school teacher.
She is enjoying singing in the church
youth choir.

Vica is also studying to be a
primary/elementary school teacher.
She is also studying English. Like her
sister, Vica is in the youth choir.
sometimes Vica helps the children in
the orphanage with their homework.

They are appreciative of the assistance
as they are both studying and it is a
help to their mother.
Vita is studying to be a medical
assistant. After being in the children's
shelter with her two sisters, one of the
church families included her in their
own family to provide Vita with more
medical treatment and educational
Oleg was our first student and has
completed 4 years Linguistics course.
He majored in English