In consultation with the
refugee families and with
the staff of the House of
Joy, boxes are being
packed with clothes, shoes,
toys, manchester,
household goods and other
useful articles. Size,
warmth, coolness, quality
determine what goes into
the boxes.
West Timor
The Ukraine Aid and
Education Fund is sending
the next shipping container
of humanitarian aid to the`
House of Joy', 40km from
Kupang. The Rebana
Indonesian Foundation
manages this orphanage.
The children have come from the refugee families
who live in camps 50 km further east of the House of
Joy. A number of the children do not have parents,
others come from families with a large number of
children. The parents are struggling to provide for the
children. They are pleased that their children are
receiving better opportunities
Work parties from Boort,
Vic, Aust. have built an
extension to the home.
Packed boxes ready to send
Built from local material and
rendered with cement the added
rooms will allow more children to
receive good nutrition and an
  West Timor Special request: Tools  to work `gardens’ to assist families become
more self sustaining -
spades, shovels, forks, hand garden tools, hoes, wheelbarrows, axes,
                                Wanted New and Used Items - `look like new’
Would you like to contribute the following:-
Toys –jigsaws, ride on toys, soft toys, toys requiring no English instructions
Books – English – Prep to Year 5/6 stories/readers  - graded vocabulary
School supplies – note paper, exercise books, loose leaf paper and folders, pens, pencils, coloured
pencils, coloured paper, rulers, compass, pencil bags etc
Hygiene Bags – new only - washers, soap, soap containers, toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs,
brushes *Small `motel’ hygiene items eg soap, shampoo etc
Backpacks/handbags/ schoolbags, sports bags
Sewing Machines       
Handknits –beanies, scarves only

 Look out for Garage Sales or Hard Rubbish Days

[NB Collection for Ukraine will continue
Enquiries: Ukraine Aid and Education Fund  Alison McEwen, 8 Sproats Lane, Donald  3480
Ph 54971328    M; 0407313648
Shoes -
small and light and colourful in the
Timor bags

- larger, heavy, warmer into the
Ukraine bags
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